How to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website

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Pinterest is becoming increasingly popular as a social media platform that is a fantastic marketing tool for driving traffic to your website. According to Statista, Pinterest has approximately 400 million active monthly users, which is an enormous audience for promoting your website or blog. Moreover, the visual nature of Pinterest makes it easy to engage prospective clients and visitors visually, making it an especially favorable platform for attracting those who might be looking for visual inspiration or ideas. In this article, we’ll share some tips on how you can use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website.

First, you should create and optimize your Pinterest account. An optimized Pinterest profile contains a properly formatted bio section, branded profile picture, and a clean and visually appealing header. The bio section should include targeted keywords related to your niche or industry and a clear call-to-action (CTA). For instance, if you’re a blogger, the CTA might encourage visitors to sign up for your mailing list or follow your blog on other social media platforms. It’s critical to complete all fields and partner up with sites relevant to your niche to get more exposure.

Next, you need to create visually appealing pins. The images you choose should reflect the content of your blog or website and should be eye-catching. Most importantly, they should properly size to fit Pinterest’s specifications, which is usually 735px wide by 1100px high or a roughly 1.5:2 ratio. Ensure that you’re including text overlays or descriptions that help inform readers about the content and purpose of the pin. For instance, if you’re promoting a blog about a recipe, ensure that the pin has the picture of the completed recipe and details about how to make it.

Another way to drive traffic to your site via Pinterest is by creating boards that are related to your niche. The board designs can range from targeting demographics such as mother or fathers on the go, the DIY community, or a general audience. For instance, if your niche is fashion, you can create boards that showcase fashion wearables and statement pieces. Pin these boards to Group Boards to expand the audience reach of your pins.

Make it easy for visitors to share content from your website by adding Pinterest sharing buttons in strategic places. These buttons allow visitors to share your content on their boards and profiles, thereby expanding your reach and drawing more traffic to your website. You can also add Alt-text to the visual page metadata, which contributes to making pins SEO-friendly.

In conclusion, Pinterest is an excellent tool that can drive significant traffic to your website, and thereby help you achieve your marketing goals. By creating a robust Pinterest profile, using appealing, relevant content, and optimizing your pins appropriately, you can significantly increase your website traffic and drive higher levels of engagement with prospective and current clients. Employ these tactics, and you’ll soon see significant growth in the traffic to your website.

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