Famous Movie Locations You Can Visit in Real Life

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Movies can transport us to different worlds, places, and experiences. When we watch a good movie, we get so absorbed in the story and the characters that we forget that what we are watching is not real. However, what we do not often realize is that some of the movies we watch are filmed in actual locations. And, we can visit these places in real life and get a chance to experience the magic of the movie first-hand.

Many popular movies have been shot in locations that are open to the public, and these places have become popular tourist attractions. The following are some of the most famous movie locations that you can visit in real life.

1) Hogwarts, The Harry Potter series – Alnwick Castle, England
One of the most iconic movie locations, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from the Harry Potter series, is filmed in Alnwick Castle in England. The castle has been used for several scenes in the movies, including the famous scene where Harry and Ron learn how to fly on broomsticks. Visitors to Alnwick Castle can attend broomstick training sessions and explore several areas of the castle, including the Hogwarts classroom.

2) The Shire, The Lord of The Rings Trilogy – Matamata, New Zealand
In the Lord of The Rings trilogy, The Shire is where hobbits live, and it is portrayed as a charming, picturesque village. The Shire was filmed in Matamata, New Zealand, on a farm that has since been turned into a tourist attraction called Hobbiton. Visitors can explore Hobbiton and even enjoy a drink at The Green Dragon Inn.

3) The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Grand Budapest Hotel – Görlitz, Germany
The Grand Budapest Hotel is a fictional hotel that is the main setting in the 2014 movie of the same name. The hotel’s exterior shots were filmed in a building in Görlitz, Germany, that was originally a department store. Visitors can take a guided tour of the building and explore the breathtaking architecture, which is influenced by Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles.

4) The Trevi Fountain, La Dolce Vita – Rome, Italy
One of the most iconic scenes in La Dolce Vita is the Fontana di Trevi or Trevi Fountain. The fountain is located in Rome, Italy, and has been a popular tourist attraction for decades. Visitors can throw a coin into the fountain and make a wish, just like the characters in the movie did.

5) The Overlook Hotel, The Shining – Timberline Lodge, Oregon
The famous horror movie The Shining was filmed at the Timberline Lodge in Oregon. The exterior shots of the hotel were used in the movie, and visitors to the lodge can explore the iconic hotel and its surroundings. The lodge offers ghost tours and is said to be haunted by the spirits of the movie’s characters.

In conclusion, visiting movie locations in real life is a unique way to experience the magic of movies. As we travel and explore the world, we can visit places that we have seen on the big screen, and we can relive the stories that we have seen. Whether it is Hogwarts, The Shire, or The Grand Budapest Hotel, each movie location has its own charm and uniqueness that are worth exploring.

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